Residential Landscaping Projects

Residential Landscaping

Residential Landscaping: Whatever large or small project, we guarantee to give you the best advice and products to match your budget and at competitive prices.

Landscaping for Residential Properties

Landscaping for Residential Properties

WTG also caters to residential clients. Our company can custom-design landscaping of residential properties based on the client’s budget. Whether you have a large or small project, we guarantee that we will give you the best advice and products to match your budget, and at competitive prices.

We do our best to give our clients more options within their target budget. (Yes! We work within certain budgets; contact us for a free quote.) In residential landscaping, our garden designers provide a number of designs that our clients prefer or that complement the property or garden.

Residential Landscaping Construction & Renovation

We also do garden rehabilitation to improve the condition of your existing garden. In addition, we apply fertilizer as well as maintain and trim your lawns and gardens. Another service we offer is the installation of water features such as ponds, falls, and fountains for residential clients.

We can also install residential garden lighting to highlight the focal points of your garden and the features of your property. In addition, we can show your household help how to properly take care of your gardens.

We also create pocket gardens for residential properties with limited space. Our pocket gardens can be indoors or outdoors, and are great for maximizing limited space on your residential property.