Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services covering Metro Manila and nearby provinces

Our team of landscape and construction professionals offers a single-source solution for all your landscaping needs. Whether it’s restoration, site preparation, a new facility, or renovation, WTG Development Corporation has the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality construction, on schedule and within budget. We support our clients from project inception to the commissioning of the fully operational facility.

Landscape Design

We offer landscape design services to local and offshore clients. Our team of licensed landscape architects and draftsmen are equipped with the latest tools in 3D visualization.

Grass Supply & Installation

We can supply and install all your lawn or grass requirements. Our company supplies sodded lawn grass. Popular options for lawn grass are carabao grass, blue grass, bermuda grass, and frog grass.

Pathways & Pavement Installation

Pathways and pavements make it possible to enjoy your landscape without the need to step on grass. A variety of popular finishes are available for pathways and pavement options, such as natural stone or pavers, to fit the design of your landscape.

Ponds & Water Features

Water features are popular in landscaping because of the tranquil and relaxing moods they create. We can customize water features so that they fit your landscape area, both indoors and outdoors.

Perimeter Fencing

We can meet all your perimeter fencing requirements, whether bamboo, wood, concrete, wire or picket fencing. We can also incorporate plant creepers, vines, shrubs, and vertical landscaping into your garden fencing.

Corporate Garden Maintenance

We offers a professional and affordable corporate garden maintenance service for industrial parks, hotels, residential estates, property groups, schools, and shopping centers.

Hardscapes &Softscapes

Hardscapes are design elements that are solid and unchanging like pathways, water features and fencing. Softscapes are elements that are fluid and changing as they mature like shrubs, trees, lawn, and flowers.

Landscape Fertilizing

We supply and offer liquid, granulated and organic fertilizers for your shrubs, trees and gardens.