Fertilizer & Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies - Pottery, Clay Pots, Fertilizer

Fertilizer, Garden Soil Supplier Manila

WTG Development Corporation supplies all your fertilizer and garden supplies. Our company supplies liquid and granulated plant, tree, and lawn fertilizer. We supply locally available trees, palms, ornamental plants, and sodded grass for your lawn. Our company also supplies mulches, organic fertilizer, rice hull, and sandy loam nutrient-rich garden soil.

In addition to the mentioned garden supply, we can also supply garden tools and equipment such as rakes, hedge trimmers, edgers, lawn mowers, pruning tools, grass cutter and other garden safety equipment. Our company not only supplies all of these, but also provides information and training on application and use of your ordered materials and supplies.

Garden Fertilizer

Garden fertilizer and various other garden supplies will be needed by your garden caretaker in order to keep your landscape well-maintained and healthy. Tools for soil cultivation and fertilizer application are necessary to properly ensure the quality of soil your plants thrive in.

Regular fertilizer application and trimming of your lawn will also produce greener grass for your lawn. The use of proper gardening tools and the right quality of top soil also ensure that plant growth is optimal and that trimming and shaping of ornamental plants are done properly and precise. Our company can supply your garden needs in maintaining your well themed garden.