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Natural Stones, Rocks & Pebbles for Landscaping

Natural Stones, Landscaping Rocks Supplier Manila

WTG supplies natural stones and rocks for use in gardens and hardscapes. Natural stones and rocks are the main components of beautiful, themed rock or Zen gardens. Natural stones bring out the colors of your plants and add a hard, solid touch to the garden’s softscape. The use of natural stones in your pathways, patios, garden bed walls, and ponds can add timeless beauty to your front or back yard.

Boulders & Zen Gardens

Boulders, on the other hand, can be used as accent pieces in a garden. Boulders are also used in water features and as focal points in a landscape. Whether by itself or in groups, a boulder gives a “natural earth” feel to a garden. Combining this with the right plants will augment your garden’s design. We have numerous types of natural boulders, especially for use in Zen gardens. Natural boulders come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures; some of them can be cut into shapes that fit your garden’s design aesthetic.

Zen gardens contain more boulders and natural stones, with a few accent plants. The key to Zen gardens is to make them simple, tranquil, and minimalistic. Boulders and natural rocks are used in these gardens as the main material or as accents. There are countless designs and creative combinations for natural rocks and boulders in landscaping.

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