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There are various processes or types of landscape fertilizer applications, including fertilizers, granulated fertilizers, and liquid fertilizers. Organic fertilizers can be applied directly to the base of the plant or mixed with the soil where the plant is located. These fertilizers are natural and chemically free, and the client can make them. Another option for those who want to apply fertilizer to plants and lawns is a liquid fertilizer, which can be mixed or diluted and sprayed onto the ground or directly onto the leaves of the plant itself. Still another type is a granulated fertilizer, which is evenly thrown or spread over the ground or lawn area.

One type of granulated fertilizer is a time-release fertilizer that slowly releases nutrients into the soil over a period of months and that does not require frequent application to your garden’s plants and lawn areas. Some granulated fertilizers require immediate watering after they have been applied to or spread over the ground and lawn areas.

Fertilizing Gardens Is Important for Maintaining Healthy Growth

Fertilizer application duration can vary depending on the condition of the plants as well as on the soil conditions. Usually, fertilizers are applied once or twice a month. Time-release fertilizers can be applied over a period of two to three months at a time. Liquid fertilizers have a much more direct effect on plants given the right mixture and soil conditions. WTG supplies and applies tree, plant, and lawn fertilizers. We also offer information about how to properly apply the fertilizers we supply to our clients.

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