Garden Maintenance Services

Garden Maintenance Services

Regular Garden Maintenance & Trimming

WTG offers gardening and landscaping maintenance for industrial parks, hotels, residential estates, property groups, schools, and shopping centers. Maintenance is key to achieving a beautiful landscape or garden. Garden maintenance consists of the following crucial aspects of maintaining and improving the aesthetics of a landscape: trimming, applying fertilizer, watering, and cultivating the soil.

The art of trimming shrubs, trees, and grasses produces a variety of designs and styles for your garden. The proper use of fertilizer will ensure the quality of the plants and grass, helping them produce brighter colors and more leaves and flowers. Soil cultivation also plays a major role in ensuring the soil receives the proper nutrients and water for plant growth.

Experienced Landscape Gardeners

WTG maintenance personnel are experienced gardeners who are very knowledgeable about properly maintaining, trimming, and fertilizing your landscaped garden.

We offer free consultations about your garden maintenance requirements. Contact us today!