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Manila Tree Supplier, Palm Supplier & Bamboo Supplier

WTG Development Corporation supplies royal palm trees, hawaiian palms, champagne palms and other tropical palms. With a huge inventory of landscaping supplies from ornamental shrubs, palms, bamboo to fruit-bearing trees – you’ll find everything you need to successfully complete your landscaping project.

Tropical Palms & Tropical Bamboo Species

The Philippines, being a tropical country, is favorable to a variety of bamboo types used for bamboo gardens. A bamboo garden or a minimalistic Japanese garden could add a very Asian, tranquil sense to the architectural theme of your property. Bamboo gardens are also very popular, particularly among bamboo collectors in the Philippines. Popular bamboo types include: Pole bamboo, Thailand bamboo, Chinese bamboo, golden bamboo, black bamboo, and dwarf bamboo.

We are able to supply different types of palms and trees. Our skilled gardeners and landscapers have the technical experience on how to ball out trees and palms and transport them, as well as how to ball them in to where the client may request.