Aquatic Plants, Lilies & Water Garden Plants

Water Lilies & Aquatic Plants

We supply various water plants for ponds

WTG Development Corporation supplies aquatic plants for your garden ponds, waterfalls, and other waterscapes. (See Ponds and Water Features.) Water plants are used in landscaping design in conjunction with water features such as koi ponds, waterfalls, fountains and water pots. These plants are used to soften water features in hardscape by adding more natural aesthetics whether it be the focal point of the landscape or an accent.

WTG Development Corporation also supplies various locally available aquatic plants. Commonly used water garden plants include: the lotus, water lilies, and the dapo plant.

Aquatic Plants maintain balance in your garden ponds

We have various options and a steady supply of aquatic plants for your garden and landscape. Our company also educates our clients’ maintenance personnel on how to take care and maintain such aquatic plants upon turnover to our clients. Aquatic plants are not used only as aesthetic purposes for koi ponds but also as part of the oxygen and cleaning cycle where your koi or marine life thrive in. Such plants are essential to maintain balance in your water features in addition to its aesthetic purposes.