Garden & Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter Landscaping & Garden Fencing

Landscape Fencing Design and Installation

Garden Fencing using Bamboo, Climbers & Shrubs

We can meet all your garden and landscape fencing needs, whether you choose bamboo, wood, or picket fencing. Options for constructed perimeter fencing to prevent access or to set up borders for your property could include wooden picket fencing, in which we can construct or finish various designs to fit the design of your property or garden landscape. Another option is to construct a concrete wall, which could also be finished or constructed with aesthetics to match your property’s theme or design. Another option our company offers is the use of wire or metal fencing.

Natural Landscape Fencing Design

For natural perimeter fencing, we offer multiple options: miniature trees, shrubs, cut bamboo, and natural bamboo. These natural perimeter fencing options create a softer look. Natural perimeter fencing also restricts access to areas of your property while at the same time softening your garden’s feel and aesthetics. In addition, we offer a number of options for combining natural and constructed perimeter fencing through the use of plant creepers, vines, shrubs, and vertical landscaping.

Combining these options will not only provide physical security around your property but will also add more natural or “green” effects to the overall theme. Through the use of plants that have thorns or thick shrubs, you can limit access to your property and keep away trespassers.

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