Event Styling & Landscaping

Event Styling & Landscaping

Event Landscaping

WTG Devt Corp is one the first landscapers to offer event styling services. We can provide your parties and events with plants and trees that will match your desired theme. Trees, potted plants and turf grass can greatly change the look, theme, and overall feel of the event.

The styling of an event is a crucial part in creating a successful experience. WTG Development Corporation offers a variety of landscaping options for events, whether they last for one day or multiple days. Adding plants and trees to an event can dramatically add character and a more natural effect to an event’s ambiance.

Garden Themed Parties, Corporate Events & Trade Shows

The use of landscaping with trees and plants gives you more options for the theme of the event. Events typically last for a day or a week. In either case, WTG Devt Corp can provide the design, trees, and plants that will be used. They all can be cleared out afterward with no hassle to the client. Additionally, the client does not have to worry about maintaining the plants and trees since it will all be taken care of by WTG during the event. Event styling and landscaping allows WTG to create an instant garden effect by bringing in full-grown trees and shrubs. Adding these plants and trees to an event can dramatically add character to the theme and a more natural ambiance.

Contact WTG Development Corporation for instant makeovers on your garden-themed events!